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Died in the Great War

Extended Search

Leinster Soldiers that Died in the Great War

This is a Free to View online database of all known soldiers, including officers, of the Regiment that are known to have died in the Great War and who are included within the commemoration rolls first produced by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The original data sources for this database are the records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, to which the Association will add data from the original work "Soldiers and Officers Died" together with any additional information provided by a descendents family and that can be validated by the Association's own historians. Over time this database will grow into a unique source of data about Leinster Regiment soldiers and officers who died in the Great War 1914 - 1918. The Association's online database is not intended to replace that provided by the CWGC that does provide additional extensive information relating to a cemetery or commemoration panel. The Leinster Regiment Association expressly records its gratitude to the CWGC for helping us with the donation of a copy of their own data to incorporate within this work.

The Leinster Soldiers that Died in the Great War (LSDGW) online database also offers a more flexible approach for performing an online search, using an Extended Search facility. where it is possible to search the database using a simple "character string" in any of the database fields. For instance it is possible to quickly to identify all those men of the Regiment within the database who had won the Military Medal, or who share the same surname and thus may be related.

Launch the Database

Known limitations

The search facility uses a simple "contents of a field" based search technique and it is not possible to perform a Boolean search for a particular field. By this we mean that you cannot enter within a field operators such as AND, OR, NOT. Attempting to do this will just return values using the operator as regular text. If you attempt to search on John AND Smith, you will get a return that identifies every record with John, Smith plus And in that field! By using a field based search, an automatic narrowing of the search is performed and the return (result) is faster.

It will be some time (possibly years) before all the data the Association has is consolidated within this database, however the LSDGW database is a good place to commence your search for a soldier that you believed served with the Regiment during the Great War and who died in service.

Companion Leinster Soldiers Project

A companion project to LSDGW is also underway, where the Association is attempting to identify all the soldiers and officers of the Regiment who ever served in the Regiment. This is a mammoth undertaking that is collating into a single database the known data from contemporary books, medal rolls and Muster rolls. For information about this project click here

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