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Leinster Regiment Cap Badge

40/10 Dec 2009

This page provides a link to view the December 2009 edition of the Association's Journal 40/10.

If you have a broadband Internet connection just click the button to view the edition on your PC screen.

The file size is approximately 2 Megabyte in size so if you have a dialup modem Internet connection then right-click the download-link and save the PDF file to your computer to read later.

You will be able to print the Journal if you wish.  December 2009

In this edition:

  • Editorial
  • News from Birr - the latest proposal for the Regimental memorial
  • Secretary's Report
  • A Cautionary Tale
  • Drums, Standard and Bayonets
  • Rags to Riches ... and Rage
  • Remembered in South Africa
  • More photographs from the Ledegem parade 2009
  • Deciphering army uniforms
  • Your Letters
  • Book Reviews
  • Subscriptions

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