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VC winners at Ledeghem

Sergeant John O'Neill VC

Private Martin Moffat VC

4119 Sergeant John O'Neill V.C. MM

For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty near Moorseele (Near Ledeghem) on 14 October 1918, when the advance of his company was checked by two machine guns and an enemy field battery firing over open sights. At the head of eleven men only he charged the battery, capturing four field guns, two machine guns and sixteen prisoners. Again on the morning of the 20 October 1918, Sergeant O'Neil with one man rushed an enemy machine gun position, routing about 100 enemy and causing many  casualties. Throughout the operation he displayed the most remarkable courage and powers of leadership.

The London Gazette 26 December 1918

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18321 Private Martin Moffat V.C.

For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty on the 14th October 1918, near Ledeghem, when advancing with five comrades across the open, the party suddenly came under heavy rifle fire at close range from a strongly held house. Rushing toward the house through a hail of bullets, Private Moffat threw bombs, and then working round the back of the house rushed the door single-handed, killing two and capturing thirty of the enemy. He displayed the greatest valour and initiative throughout.

The London Gazette 26 December 1918

Private Moffat survived the war and died 7 January 1946.


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